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Life on the Florida panhandle is visually stunning. When you're surrounded by pristine beaches, swaying trees, and glittering waves, it's hard to imagine ever going back inside. But when you return home at the end of another breathtaking coastal day, what kind of environment meets your eyes?

At k. Seigel Studio, we know how to create interiors that live up to the beauty of the Sunshine State. Join us on a journey of unique materials and artistic passion; when we're done, your new space will be more gorgeous than you ever thought possible.

The art of curating magnificent spaces

We start with a room - any room. Perhaps it's the living room in your cozy beachside bungalow. Perhaps it's the master bedroom in your glorious penthouse suite. We consult with you to learn about the floor plan, the inhabitants, and the energy that you want to flow through the space. We take a moment to get to know the room and to envision the magnificent potential it could reach.
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About Kim

Kim Seigel has been in love with interior
design since she was just a child. Her uncle was an experienced architect, and her aunt had a flair for the beautiful things in life; together, they helped inspire young Kim to begin her artistic journey.
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